What makes Birth Waves Midwifery unique?


1: Extended Postpartum Care! Extra visits tailored to your needs during the first weeks, then visits every 3 months until your baby’s first birthday! I also host Baby Waves Support Group for new and expecting parents to build community and help with the transition.

2: A deep desire to help support parents who have experienced infertility. There are unique challenges that families face during pregnancies achieved after having reproductive assistance and I would love to join your journey to help you reconnect with your body during pregnancy and prepare for healing and empowered birth and postpartum experiences.

3: One of few homebirth midwifery practices in San Diego County that has a fluently Spanish speaking midwife.


What if I want a water birth?


The majority of our clients choose to birth in the water, though some just use their birth pools throughout labor. We offer birth pools for clients use as part of our package or can make recommendations to find the ideal set up for you.


Do you accept insurance?


I’m not an in network provider with any insurance. However I do have an insurance biller who can help you get reimbursed if you have a PPO insurance plan!


What is a monitrice doula?


As a licensed midwife, I’m able to provide services as an advanced doula. I support families prenatally and during labor with comfort measures and emotional support like a regular doula, but I can also monitor you and your baby at home during active labor. This includes taking vitals, listening to baby’s heartbeat, and cervical exams, as desired, in the comfort of your home. As labor progresses, we will decide when is best to head to the hospital and I will continue supporting you and your family as a doula until baby arrives.


Can you recommend doulas, childbirth educators, or other providers in San Diego?


Yes! Please visit my resource page or contact me for a referral based on your needs.


How are postpartum doulas different than nannies?


Nannies are caregivers who focus their care only on one or more children. Postpartum doulas are trained to help families during the first few months of an infant's life and to overcome the specific challenges that occur during that time.  Postpartum doulas care for the whole family, helping the mother recover, making sure the family stays nourished, and also helps with siblings on occasion. Postpartum doulas typically stay with a family for the first 8-12 weeks, sometimes longer or shorter depending on the family's situation.


If you have other questions, please contact us!