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Individualized Home Birth Midwifery Care in San Diego County specializing in waterbirth, VBAC, fertility support, and extended postpartum visits.



Midwives are experts in low risk normal pregnancy and birth. I will work with you and your family throughout your pregnancy to provide education and shared decision making about your care. Prenatal visits are usually 45-60 mins long, which allows us plenty of unrushed time to discuss your questions and concerns as well as getting to know each other. This is one of the most special traits of midwifery care. We are able to build trust and confidence with each other during your pregnancy and helps so much for labor and birth.

We are trained to watch for red flags in your health and focus on keeping you and baby healthy to prevent problems from arising. A big focus of prenatal care is nutrition to ensure you both are nourished while growing. We will discuss relevant labs and testing together and weigh their risks and benefits.


Labor & Birth


As we enter into your birthing window (37-42 weeks), we will remain in close contact. We will discuss what signs to look for as labor begins and my birth team and I will arrive to care for and monitor you and baby. We take vital signs, listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and encourage you to stay rested and nourished throughout your labor. You are free to move around and have as much support as you’d like. Many choose to labor in the water for relaxation. Once baby is born, we encourage skin to skin time together and generally wait 2 hours to do a head to toe examination on baby. Every person on the birth team is certified in neonatal resuscitation and has experience with other complications. Should you or your baby need additional attention, we are ready and prepared to care for you.




After your your baby is born, nourishing your body and bonding with your baby are the most important things to do! Postpartum visits are an essential part of your care. I will come to your home several times during the first two weeks to check on you and your family, weigh baby, assist with breastfeeding challenges, discuss any issues that have come up, and provide resources. Postpartum visits continue as often as needed for the first 3 months and then every 3 months until your baby’s first birthday. A full year of postpartum care and support!


— The Midwifery Care Package—



Initial Consultation

Prenatal Care Visits

Personalized Postpartum Transition Plan

Initial Visits with a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist

Childbirth Education Series

Breastfeeding 101 Class

Access to the lending library

Baby Waves Support Group

Pregnancy Care Swag Bag

Discounted high quality supplements




On call birth team from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby

Waterbirth pool

Personalized birth kit

Examination of your new baby

Continued support in the event of a transfer to the hospital




Frequent visits starting from 24 hours after birth until baby’s first birthday

Breastfeeding Support

Postpartum Swag Bag

Baby Waves Support Group

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I believe every family should have access to safe birth.

For every birth attended I will donate a basic birth kit for midwife in a country in need and make a contribution to a local organization focused on improving birth.


We would love to talk with you about the care you’re looking for! Please contact us for a free consultation.