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Individualized Home Birth Midwifery Care in San Diego County specializing in waterbirth, VBAC, fertility support, and extended postpartum visits.

Love Notes

from others experiences

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It’s taking me some time to write this review. To be quite honest, it was either because I’ve fallen asleep while I was writing it due to pure exhaustion or I’ve had so many happy tears I could barely see my keyboard. Sometimes trying to describe someone and actually put it into words seems impossible! Especially our midwife Tatiana! I’m a momma of two amazing and perfect babes. Easton who is two and our “Dennis the Menace” and our sweet girl Blair who is our fresh newborn.

We welcomed our sweet girl into the world 3 weeks ago with THE BEST and I literally mean THE BEST midwife to ever be known. Tatiana has skills that just can’t be taught. She’s constantly one step ahead, always prepared, and makes you feel like you are the worlds strongest person. Her presence is indescribable and her abundance of knowledge always helps you feel assured. Our sweet girl was born at home right into the water. She came into this beautiful world weighing 9lbs 14oz and was 22 inches long andddd I had zero tearing. Yes, I know I’m still in shock myself. But I owe that to our incredible midwife for helping me slow down when I needed to. Her talking me through those “impossible” moments made my birth. It was literally pure magic!

Tatiana, I know I can’t ever thank you enough. But I’m still going to try :). Reliving our birth through photos and videos makes me want to just hug you over and over. We couldn’t of done it without you. Our girl is absolutely perfect and in immaculate health thanks to you being so diligent and constantly checking on us even after the birth. We love you SO SO much and owe everything to you. Thank you for helping us bring our perfect girl earth side .

If you are looking for a midwife don’t even think twice. Tatiana is your girl. I promise from the moment you meet her you will already feel at peace. She’s incredible and was born for this job! You will have the best midwife ever!!!!!!!
— Chelsie V. Home Birth Midwifery Care
The decision for us to hire Tatiana to be our primary midwife was an easy one. I knew right away that her birthing values matched mine and that we made the right choice to have her facilitate the birth of our son. We decided to have a home water birth and one of the reasons we chose her was because she provided everything - an all inclusive package including all in-home visits. We also loved the pre-natal and post-natal care that’s included for up to a year. In our research, no one else does this! She made it so easy for us to say “YES!”. On top of this, she’s super professional and set us up on a patient portal that was easy to use. Her sweet nature and calm presence also didn’t go unnoticed. She always made sure I knew she was there for me.

Now on to the juicy stuff. Our birthing experience...

As much as we prepared, nothing really prepares you for when the labor surges hit. I was in communication with Tatiana as soon as I felt the surges come on and she guided me through all the “next steps” very patiently and calmly. My husband got everything ready per the birth preparation document she left with us.

She was incredibly gentle, kind, and supportive throughout my entire 29+ hour labor. While she wasn’t physically with us until I was in active labor, I felt her presence every step of the way.

During the entire process/journey, her knowledge and experience guided me to have a successful home water birth. She never once wavered in her commitment to our commitment to have Huxley at home.

Everything she did and said was done and said with patience, care, compassion, and kindness. I never once felt unsafe, unheard or unseen. She facilitated everything perfectly - even the crowning of my son’s head to make sure my private parts wouldn’t tear. (My vagina thanks her for that!). We’re still reeling in AWE of how magnificent the experience was. 

I seriously am still having a hard time finding the right words to describe the experience we had in Tatiana’s care. I will sing her praises for the rest of my life and will make sure that everyone knows just how special and incredible she is. Sometimes you just know when someone is living their life’s purpose and Tatiana is one of those people.

I can’t say enough, but unfortunately, this will have to be enough.

Hire Tatiana. You will thank yourself later!
— Linda S. Home Birth Midwifery Care
Tatiana was awesome! I wasn’t sure a home birth was the right fit for us. After much research and meeting with her, my wife and I opted for a home birth. We felt very confident in our midwife team and never wavered in our decision. I am happy to say we had the most amazing home birth on our ocean view deck. She helped provide a peaceful and low stress process. I was able to deliver my son in the birthing pool. Without Tatiana’s professional guidance I would have missed out on the best day of my life. Don’t let that happen to you.
— Lee Home Birth Midwifery Care
As a parent of a 14 month old, expecting identical twin sons and working full-time, the anticipation of balancing all the demands along with sleep deprivation was overwhelming.  Tatiana relieved much of that anxiety. She brought a wealth of experience with babies, a history of working with multiples, along with a sense of calmness, patience and a readiness to share with parents what she has learned regarding caring for babies.

Tatiana delivered full-time overnight postpartum baby care for our sons from the time they were four days old until they were five months old.  For any parent, handing over your most precious gift is very difficult. We built an immediate trust with her. Our twins had terrible reflux and some colic, and she provided suggestions and worked with them for hours to provide them comfort.
— Melissa H. Postpartum Care