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Individualized Home Birth Midwifery Care in San Diego County specializing in waterbirth, VBAC, fertility support, and extended postpartum visits.


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The most common question people have about birth outside of a hospital is how it’s possible to cope with pain.

We are there for you.

Education, midwifery care, and a support team are all important pieces to prepare for natural birth. One of best tools we have to offer is hydrotherapy. The large majority of our clients use water during labor, either in their own tub or shower or using a birth pool. Birth pools are amazing because they are designed to allow your belly to be fully submerged in warm water. This is key to help soothe the intensity of your labor. Well over half of the births I’ve attended have been in water! Not only is it beneficial for laboring and easing baby out, but it also allows for a very gentle transition for your baby who has only ever experienced a warm fluid environment.

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What are the benefits of waterbirth?

  • Water facilitates comfort and mobility. Buoyancy helps you feel lighter and makes it easier to change positions

  • May lead to a shorter labor

  • Reduces blood pressure

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Conserves your energy

  • Provides a safe feeling and protected space

  • Reduces the rates of interventions and cesarean sections


Support is key.

When you feel safe, relaxed, and supported, oxytocin and other hormones increase naturally in your body which is key in helping labor progress. Our birth team will be there to monitor you and baby in the water without you having to get out, keep the temperature warm, and provide support as your labor.

If you are interested in waterbirth and have some questions, please get in touch and I’m happy to help.

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